Indy All Night Gets a Funky, Functional Facelift

We just finished a really exciting and innovative restaurant remodeling project in the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood. In less than four months, we’ve completely transformed the Indy All Night headquarters, all while the business remained open for dinner and deliveries. Indy All Night is a unique service that delivers delicious food to the night owls of Indianapolis, while also serving carry-out lunches, dinners and late-night munchies seven days a week. Its revamped building is now a fun, contemporary style that’s befitting of Indy All Night’s creative restaurant model.


We started with a 520-square-foot orange box of concrete block, surrounded by various outbuildings plagued by poor drainage and a muddy gravel parking lot. With the forward-thinking design of Beyond Architecture, our teams revamped the property into an attractive, modern location for one of the coolest businesses in the city. The dramatic results are a shining example of construction teamwork, with designer and general contractor working together from the start to meet all of the client’s needs and overcome the inherent challenges of remodeling a restaurant in a historic neighborhood.


Contemporary Design

Despite its historic roots, the mostly residential area is embracing a modern vibe as new homes are built nearby. “That was the great thing,” says Tad Lupton of Beyond Architecture. “This neighborhood is very open to modern construction.”

The contemporary look of Indy All Night’s new building is thanks to an addition that wraps from the north to the south side of the building, creating a triangular wedge shape that stretches over top the building. The new design provides an awning to protect customers waiting at the carry-out windows, as well as room for a small outdoor seating area. Over the walk-up windows hangs the business’ new 3-D logo.


Upgraded Work Space

The beautiful facade facelift is only a portion of the changes we made to improve Indy All Night’s business operations. Many of the infrastructure and work-space updates are sure to improve the employees’ experience. “They didn’t have the work or storage space they needed,” Lupton says. “We more than doubled the size of their building.”

By adding a walk-in cooler, an ADA-compliant bathroom, and plenty of indoor storage space, Indy All Night employees no longer have to travel outside to the outbuildings to gather supplies or take a bathroom break. We completely renovated the commercial kitchen, which is always a challenge when working on restaurants. In addition to updating the electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems, we had to install a larger exhaust fan to meet local building codes for the new oven hood, which required some design tweaks as went along.

CF Jones also fixed the roofing, updated the parking lot with asphalt, added a new delivery driveway, and remedied several safety and building code issues. The design and construction teams worked together to solve major drainage issues on the site — which was causing water to run toward the outbuildings that housed the water heater and restroom, completely deteriorating them — using landscaping and drainage bioswales to manage stormwater runoff.


Challenges & Triumphs

Throughout construction, the business remained open on a limited basis, making this particular project even more challenging. We had to ensure we stuck to a tight timeline and left the workspace clean and functional throughout the remodel. This was made easier by the fact Beyond Architecture and CF Jones worked together from the beginning to minimize unexpected changes.

We all worked closely with the local zoning department and neighborhood association to make sure the building met everyone’s expectations. While some neighbors had complained in the past about the property, area leaders and residents were very excited once they saw the approved project and our progress.

As October comes to a close and construction ends on this project, everyone involved couldn’t be prouder of what we’ve accomplished since beginning the renovations in June. “Honestly, it’s been a good relationship working with CF Jones,” Lupton says. “They did a great job managing what has been a challenging situation, since the client kept operations open during construction and that can make things a little more tense. They did a great job managing this entire project.”

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