CFJ selected as GC for construction work at Sigma Delta Tau Sorority


Project:  Sigma Delta Tau, IU, Bloomington, IN

Architect:  Tabor/Bruce Architecture & Design, Inc.

Delivery:  General Contractor

Addition/Renovation:  $2,9M – 9 Month Completion

This project consists of a 7,700 sq. ft. addition and 21,963 sq. ft. of renovation. The first floor of this three-story addition includes a new covered entrance, foyer, meeting room and large chapter room. The second floor will add seven new day rooms and the third floor adds one new day room and a large sleeping dormitory.

The owners wish to completely upgrade their facility along with the new addition, so the interior renovation of existing includes replacing the boiler heating system with individual heat and cooling systems for each room, adding a new restroom and renovation of existing restroom, complete window replacements, all new floor coverings, and complete painting of all rooms. Furthermore, new life safety issues are being addressed and updated throughout the house. All new electrical service will be upgraded and well as new lighting for both the interior and exterior of the facility.

Exterior renovation includes replacement of existing exterior siding along with restoration of existing exterior limestone veneer, new roofing, additional parking spaces, and new sidewalks, retaining wall and landscaping.

The structural design of the addition includes using masonry block walls with precast concrete planks for floors. Also, structural steel beam and columns will be integrated with the masonry units for structural supports. The foundation consists of digging into bedrock and using a lean concrete mix to reach proper footing elevation. A gable truss roof design will be used in conjunction with a flat roof and parapet wall.

The major challenge to this project is the fact the girls will continue to live in the house while construction is under way.  A special badge identification system is in place to help secure and only allow authorized workers in appropriate work. Scheduling work time and work zones are being implemented to ensure a safe work environment for both occupants and workers.

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