Team Up with an Architect and Contractor for Your Building Project

Many businesses are building for the first time after outgrowing their current location, so they might not know anyone who has undertaken a similar project or how to take the first steps.

Even if you’ve been through it before, it’s a good idea to ask someone who possesses industry experience, a team you may not have been in touch with — an architect and commercial contractor. What does your architect and contractor know that you might not? Here are three key factors:


Choose an Architect/Contractor Team Who Knows Your Building Project

No one better understands the challenges of your new construction project than the person who will design it. The architect will know which companies specialize in your type of project, and the contractor will know how to build it, whether it’s a new church, medical facility, office building or multi-unit housing facility. Finding a good commercial construction company is key, but finding a high-quality team that specializes in your type of project is optimal. CF Jones Construction fits the bill and has relationships with many architects perfect for your project.  We can put together the right team that knows your project.


Architect and Contractor Work Together to Produce Quality Work

As a professional, few things feel worse than seeing someone take your building project and ruin it. For an architect, this means subpar blueprints that demand hours of labor. An architect wants the finished project to shine, as well as the commercial contractor. High quality work from skilled professionals will make you proud of your project — which is the end goal. Very likely, the architect has previously worked with the general contractor and can show you projects they have built together.  CF Jones can recommend an architect that works for you to put the best team together.


Professional Reputation in Design-Build is Key

During construction, you and CF Jones will stay in touch with the architect, meaning all three of us will work as a team to build your new structure — this is called design-build. CF Jones is professional, we return phone calls and always go above and beyond your expectations. We will not take up more of the architect’s time, and design-build will save you a lot of time and money — two key factors that will inspire you to refer us again and again.

Remember, the architect and the commercial contractor’s reputation is on the line with every project performed. Contact CF Jones about your next project.  We will put together a team that is right for you in design-build.

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