How to Choose the Right Commercial Construction Service for Your Project


Working on any major building or remodeling project requires a commercial contractor with extensive knowledge, a great deal of patience and good communication skills. But how do you choose a contractor who provides the right commercial services for your project?


Do you only need a general contractor to oversee and manage the various tasks and timelines? Or do you want a design-build contractor who not only uses his expertise in working with highly qualified architects to design your project, but also oversees it from start to finish?


With ore than 35 years in the industry, you can trust CF Jones Construction in either case. We always put the customer’s needs first, whether we’re working with multiple subcontractors, architects and designers on a design-build project, or providing pre-construction or general contracting services for your project.


We serve as your advisor and advocate to problem solve and provide better value throughout the process, so you end up with a high-quality project completed on time and on budget. Before hiring a trustworthy design-build contractor or general contractor, consider the advantages of each offered by CF Jones Construction:


Design-Build to Save Time and Money

As a design-build contractor, CF Jones serves as your commercial contractor who drives the process from beginning to end. We find the perfect architect, engineer and other design professionals that best fits your project’s needs. Then we work side by side throughout the planning and design process.


As a design-build contractor, CF Jones takes the architect’s designs and applies realistic cost estimates and timelines to meet your budget and complete your vision. With our decades of experience, we can show you how to get a great look that fits your budget–working hand and hand with the architect.


Once the blueprints are approved, we oversee project management during the build phase to help you select the best subcontractors and suppliers to complete your project. We know what you want and put your needs first, keeping everyone on schedule, delivering quality results in less time, and working continuously to find savings on materials and labor to get the best value.


General Contracting

In the role of general contractor, you’ll find the construction management experts at CF Jones on the job site every day looking for ways to save you time and money, and deliver an exceptional end product. We’re constantly looking for ways to anticipate any problems, identify improvements and advocate for your best interests.


Even if you’ve already chosen an architect or engineer to design your project, we have decades of experience and a solid reputation working with all types of subcontractors and suppliers.


We also provide pre-construction services for companies that may have purchased or leased a building and want to explore options for renovation. We’ll work with you to get some preliminary architectural drawings and give you some ballpark costs so you know what your commercial building project might entail.


Create your vision and let CF Jones worry about the details.

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