Fred Jones: A man in motion

CF Jones Construction is celebrating their 36th year of construction services and we want to give you a closer look at some of the people behind the CF Jones Construction team. We would like to start this series with Fred Jones, Owner and President of CF Jones Construction, to find out why he is committed to executing a high level of services, and where it all began for Jones.

Fred Jones

Fred Jones started CF Jones Construction company 36 years ago in 1981, but where did his passion for the industry begin? It started at a very early age. You see, Fred grew up on a Farm in Boone County, Indiana. From the beginning, he always liked to use his hands to build things and help his grandparents around the Farm. This was the start of a life-long passion.

In high school Fred would take summer jobs to gain more experience. He started off in residential construction where he was framing houses at The Estates of Normandy Farm. He did this in the summers all the way through college at Purdue University. Once he graduated from Purdue, he decided to move away from home for a while to expand his world, and worked at an engineering firm in Houston, Texas. Fred quickly realized he didn’t like having a desk job—he was born to work with his hands. So, he packed his bags and left Houston to move back to Lebanon, Indiana where he jumped back into construction and never looked back.

Once back home, Fred started working for a home builder and worked building residential homes in the early 80’s. In 1981, Fred’s passion for the industry led him and a business partner to launch CF Jones. “When we launched CF Jones we did residential and commercial projects. Through word of mouth, our commercial projects kept increasing and we were doing about half residential and half commercial. We slowly phased out taking residential projects.”

Today, CF Jones Construction only does commercial construction. Why only commercial construction? Jones mentioned, “Commercial construction is more disciplined from the skill-set to the administrative side. Commercial projects have a clearer scope of work, and more definition.” It’s this definition that CF Jones Construction prides themselves on with every commercial project. This comes through loud and clear in the sense of pride Fred and his team take in each of their projects. “The quality has to be above par – above everything else. Contractors were known as either good or bad. Now the bar has been raised across the industry. There is a high level of expectation from the consumer, and we’ve come to deliver.” Jones said.

Along with the disciplined approach that commercial construction takes on, Fred mentioned there is a sense of pride he feels for his projects. He stated, “There is a proud feeling going to one of our project sites. It is an orchestrated effort of people working together with many moving parts. It is good to be able to stand back and just look at the projects in motion.” Over the past 36 years there are a few projects that stand out that were “projects of passion” for Fred and his team. The first one was the Bob Irsay Party Pavilion and the Sweet Charity Farms horse arena. However, he is most proud of the work done for the YMCA in Lebanon, where he was a former board member, and helped bring the YMCA to his hometown.

Over the years, Fred has seen and been involved in a lot of growth first-hand—but this has never stopped him in giving his time to the community and volunteering. He has worked with the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the YMCA of Greater Indianapolis, the Executive Committee of the Witham Family YMCA, the United Way of Central Indiana, the Boone Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, and Rotary International. With being an owner of a company, why does he make time to volunteer? “Because I am fortunate. Fortunate in health. Fortunate to be a part of a welcoming community. Fortunate to have been able to grow CF Jones Construction. You have to give back and support your community where you can.”

With 36 years of services under his belt, what is next for CF Jones Construction? “Continue to grow. Continue to increase our presence in the construction industry, and continue to give back—helping to grow and build communities around Indiana.”

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