Upgrade Your Greek House

Restoring Greek Houses includes many elements and components of construction and knowledge. Each year hundreds of houses are renovated during the summer months to make ready for the residents’ return to school in August.  But what type of house work is typical in a Greek House renovation?  No renovations are the same and each is special to the owners.  That’s where CF Jones comes in and we’re with the owner and architect every step of the way.

Often, Greek Housing owners implement additions to their facility along with the renovations.  They want to completely upgrade their facility along with adding new entrances, common rooms, and dorm rooms.  Life safety issues are addressed and updated throughout the house.

A typical summer renovation/addition job runs approximately 20,000 square feet – all work to be completed during the summer months of May through August.  Therefore, these projects are always a push to complete within the time frame allotted and keep the same high-quality work that CF Jones is known for.

For instance, on a recent project of a 22,000 square foot renovation plus 7,700 square foot addition to a three-story Greek House, a new covered entrance, foyer, meeting room, library and large chapter room was added.  The second floor consisted of adding seven new day rooms and the third floor a new day room plus a large sleeping dormitory.  This is a typical renovation project of a Greek House so we’ll share a few details.

Since the owners wanted to completely upgrade their facility during the same time as construction of their new addition, time was of the essence for a mid-August completion date.  It is important the new exterior matches the existing. New modern restrooms were added, all windows were replaced with new, insulated windows, new doors and hardware installed, and all new floor coverings installed. When refinishing the original bold moldings and interior woodwork care was taken to maintain the integrity of the original aged wood.  Beautiful hardwood floors were refurbished to new condition.  The design included all new electrical service to be upgraded as well and new lighting installed for both interior and exterior and mechanicals upgraded.

When your sorority or fraternity requires an addition or renovation, call CF Jones Construction, the tested experience needed to accomplish your goal.  We will be with you every step of the way to make your journey a comfortable experience that your residents will enjoy for years to come.  We offer experience and knowledge with highly trained project managers and site superintendents to make this a great experience for all involved in every design/build or construction project. 

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