Brian Jedwabny: The Outdoorsy Perfectionist

This family-minded Senior Project Manager, graduated from Vincennes University in 1980 with a degree in construction technology. Always having a passion for building even from a young age, Brian enjoys making a once-hobby his successful career. Staying true to his “old-school” philosophy of a strong work ethic, he joined the team at CF Jones in 1985 and has loyally contributed to this same company for over 32 years; an attribute rather rare in the construction field.  

Brian, a married family man, enjoys hunting and fishing in his “spare” time because of the peaceful simplicity of nature that is quite opposite a career in construction. Brian exudes a peaceful demeanor, even when deadlines pressure the project. His same loyal qualities toward family blend well into the family climate of CF Jones. He finds it rewarding when he is invited to a sanctuary or college campus after completion of a project, and feels as blessed by the customers as they feel blessed by the new enhancements.

As the Senior Project Manager at CF Jones, Brian ensures that each client receives the highest-quality results. He provides construction management to each project, including managing subcontractors and vendors, obtaining building permits, purchasing materials, remodeling renovation from the ground-up, and controlling the project budget and timeline.

Working alongside Fred Jones, the owner of CF Jones, Brian serves as the primary contact and liaison between the construction company and the client. This winning combination has been the key to success for CF Jones. They treat their business like a hard-working family offering trust and appreciation of a perfected project. He coordinates and conducts progress meetings with building owners, architects, and design teams, while keeping the focus on client needs and goals. His dedication and commitment to teamwork and client interests make him a respected partner also to the many client stakeholders, architects, and other team members in which he works. In the words of this solitude-loving outdoorsman, “We are a family here and we trust and appreciate the strong work-ethic of all our employees.” His goal is a more-than-satisfied client throughout a project, and he is 100% successful because of that quality.

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