How to be cost efficient in your design-build project.

One of the first questions consumers ask, and rightfully so, is, “What is this going to cost me?” Most people want to skip the fluff and get down to the bottom line. Here at CF Jones Construction,  we not only have cost efficient measures in place for our customers, but we never trade cost-effectiveness for value of a product or service. Our number one goal is the satisfaction of our consumers and we understand which corners can be crimped and which ones certainly cannot be cut.

CF Jones uses a design-to-budget process which allocates more funds toward the client’s top priorities, while items that clients are willing to compromise on are given less money. In this manner, the budget is balanced between the client’s goals and desires, and the results are of the highest quality that can be attained within the budget.

For example, CF Jones will begin looking for opportunities to reduce costs, using value engineering, by considering:

  • Design alternatives,
  • Structural systems and finish materials
  • Selecting the highest design priorities set by the client

CF Jones becomes a trio of helpers, consisting of designer, selection coordinator, and estimator and will work personally with the client to decide which components of design and materials can be reprioritized or adjusted to fit the budget yet still bring the desired results.

There are many advantages of working with CF Jones as your design-build team. First, team and client have a collaborative relationship in all aspects of the project. Also, the contractor’s conceptual design and estimates occur very early, giving the client opportunities to understand the cost implications of any design decision they might make. Another advantage is realistic completion dates can be established and maintained. Because one entity is fully responsible and accountable throughout the life of the project, a cost-effective plan for realistic products and services is maintained. Lastly, the overall project costs are minimized through the use of creative design, innovative methods and cost-effective solutions. This is a definite win-win for all involved.

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