A Look into 2018 with CF Jones Construction

As the new year begins, CF Jones Construction plans to strengthen our already-close relationships with our clients, maintaining our reputation of expertise, honesty, quality, and integrity.

1. Focus on Client Relationships, Not Just Client Services

Almost all contractors will tell you they’re in the client service business, but over the years we have developed a philosophy that states “Let’s Build It Together.” We at CF Jones strive to take a personal interest in each project and build trust with our clients so they realize we are a team. We build quality, honesty, and expertise into every aspect of the job and believe our clients are an integral part of our business.

Sometimes situations arise that conflict with the client’s specifications or needs and that is where our honesty prevails. We work in solutions rather than problems, and our clients can expect integrity. Too often in a competitively bid construction project, contractors are awarded the job based purely on their bottom line, without being involved in any upfront planning or discussion of design intent. Not only can this lead to unrealistic requests and expectations from the client because there hasn’t been a conversation about factors that could impact the construction schedule and budget, but it can also create an adversarial relationship from the start.

Instead, we include our client’s input, weighing in early as the construction experts who know what it will take to get the job done. For example, by talking early-on with a client about the landscape of a project, their expectations, how long construction permitting, and inspections will take and the time our team needs to line up subs, order materials and mobilize, we educate them about construction timelines and avoid scenarios where the client sets an aggressive opening date without considering those factors. This type of working relationship allows clients to get more out of their construction partner and also ensures a smoother experience all around.

2. Promote a Collaborative Culture

CF Jones Construction has built our business on treating employees like family. We have been successful because the foundation of our leadership is sturdy. Our team includes everyone from seasoned construction veterans with 25+ years of experience, to fresh-faced new hires working their first job. Add to that the fact that the president and owner, Fred Jones, along with senior project manager Brian Jedwabny, started out in the field gaining experience in all construction areas, to individuals with degrees in construction management, engineering and more. We value having a variety of perspectives at the table and are always searching for ways to help our staff grow and learn from one another.

3. Streamline Our Processes

Commercial Construction is a business with so many facets, particularly as a general contractor coordinating between the client, municipality, multiple subcontractors, any number of suppliers, and other players. That makes it vital to have well-oiled processes in place to keep everything running smoothly – from initially putting the project out to bid, to the final construction close-out. We know we already are successful in many areas, but our goal for 2018 is to create a culture where we constantly evaluate our processes with a critical eye to ensure we’re identifying new ways to improve them. That’s especially important today when there are so many new technologies and innovations on the horizon for the construction industry.

We’re excited about what 2018 has in store for us and the future opportunities it brings to grow and build our business. We hope to sustain our wonderful relationships with our former and present clients and are looking forward to making new ones throughout the year.

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