St. Peter’s Episcopal Church

When a fire destroyed the interior of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Lebanon, IN, the church turned to CF Jones for design-build church renovations. Working with Mack Architects, we restored the 6,400-square-foot church with consistent finishes while also upgrading the facility. Our work included:
  • Full interior restoration, including matching original finishes
  • Salvaging and restoring a hand-made columbarium
  • Replacing and refinishing pews
  • Upgrading and repairing electrical systems and other backbone infrastructure
  • Work began with the removal of all walls, interior finishes, fixtures and pews. New walls were framed, drywall installed, and finishes matched to the existing facility. New flooring replacements were made, new electrical installed and all backbone infrastructure was replaced. Although a number of pews were salvaged and refinished, others were made and stained to perfectly match the original.
Church renovations restored the original aesthetic of St. Peter’s, while also delivering workmanship that will enhance the church for years to come.

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